As a follow up to our introductory workshop from last year, and in collaboration with Ivey Business Academy, OASIS is hosting a Coaching Skills Development Workshop webinar which will continue to explore the value of a coach approach for everyday leadership.

The workshop will be delivered as a virtual 3- hour session on Tuesday, 12th September from 9AM to 12PM.

There will be a maximum of 40 participants for this workshop. 

Tickets are  $426.27  per person(which includes all applicable fees) and will only be on sale until Friday, 1st September at 5PM . This is to allow facilitators time to provide participants with any pre-work items/instructions ahead of the webinar.

Once you have registered, you will receive an email confirmation that will include a link you will need to join the sessions.

To Register, click here

The webinar will expand the scope of coaching by looking at how to apply coaching skills to the many roles expected of today’s leader: director, teacher, mentor, and coach. Leaders will have a good close look at which role comes most naturally and where there is an opportunity to strengthen their approach. During the session, leaders will discover the benefits from being agile enough to be directive, non-directive, and everything in between. Participants will also have a chance to observe coaching in action and practice their skills with the other leaders in the session.

By the end of the session, participants will have had the opportunity to:

  • Review coaching skills from our introductory session to understand the value of taking a non-directive coach approach for motivating and empowering their teams
  • Learn and understand “The Coaching Continuum” and how to become more aware of the different roles of a leader: director, mentor, teacher & coach.
  • Apply the coaching continuum model to a real situation in their leadership and consider how to pivot more effectively from one role to another.
  • Practice coaching skills by collaborating with other leaders.



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