Joining OASIS

If you are interested in becoming an OASIS Member, please complete the below ‘Membership Application’. Once this is received by the OASIS Administrative Support, your application will be brought to the next OASIS Board of Directors meeting for approval/denial. Following this, you will be contacted as soon as possible by the Administrative Support on next steps.

Should you have any additional questions, please contact the OASIS Administrative Support at:

Fee Structure

Annual Membership Fee for:

Agencies with budgets of less than $5M is $2,500 a year;

Agencies with budgets of $5M – $9.99M is $3,000 a year;

Agencies with budgets of  $10M – $19.99M is $4,000 a year;

Agencies with budgets of $20M and higher is $5,000 a year.

Membership Application

    Contact Information


    This application for membership to OASIS is made by our Agency/Organization for the benefits and privileges of membership. We acknowledge and agree to support the charter, principles and operation of OASIS, as it strives to support agencies in their challenging and exciting work in supporting individuals with special needs. Our agency/organisation is eligible for membership insofar as it provides support services to individuals with developmental disability as is a non-profit organisation with a volunteer Board of Directors. I understand that this membership runs until March 31. I subscribe and agree to the terms set out herein and my name and selection below indicates my agency's/organisation's application, subject to approval of the Board of OASIS.

    I understand and agree to the above.