We are excited to announce our partnership with BenchMarket, offering OASIS members access to the NFPay Compensation Survey. This collaboration provides invaluable compensation data tailored to the Not-For-Profit sector in Canada. With challenges in our sector and a lack of current data, participating in this survey is vital for making informed decisions and advocating for fair compensation.

By contributing to this survey, you are not only gaining crucial market intelligence but also helping to shape our sector’s future. With accurate data, you will be better equipped to address talent acquisition and retention challenges. Moreover, in an environment where government-funded fields are frequently in the spotlight, participating now allows us to assert the importance of the Developmental Services sector.

Here are some important dates to remember:

Submission Start Date:                    February 21, 2024
Submission Deadline:                      April 9, 2024
Projected Report Publication:         April 23, 2024 *

* Dependent upon timely submissions

We understand that the thought of another data submission process may seem daunting, but the collection process is fairly simple, and OASIS will be here to support you. Stay tuned for upcoming webinars and videos to assist with submissions. Remember, only members who submit their organization’s data will receive the final report. Use the Sign-up button below to register, and BenchMarket will provide your confidential submission details within 24 hours.

Thank you for your commitment to advancing our sector. Your participation in this initiative is instrumental in shaping a brighter future for Developmental Services in Ontario.

Survey Completion: Questions and Answers

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