As some of you will remember, at the end of January I sent an email to membership outlining OASIS’ desire to make the shift from a volunteer resourced and run organisation to a CEO/staff resourced corporation following a review that found the board structure, governance and organisational operations were not sustainable in their current forms.
To begin this work OASIS was seeking to hire a Project Manager who would oversee this process.
We posted the job opportunity to several sites with a focus on finding someone who has had previous experience in organisational restructuring.
In the end OASIS received several applications for the position. Follow up interviews with a number of the candidates were conducted.
Following these interviews and discussions it became clear that there was a leading candidate based on their knowledge and experience with board governance, organisational transition and of the DS sector. They also had a good understanding of what needed to be done in regards to how best to move forward with the recommendations on OASIS’ restructuring.
I am pleased to inform you that OASIS has now decided that Joe McReynolds of the TNG Consulting Group will take on the position of Project Manager.
You can learn more about Joe and the TNG Consulting group here.
We are sure you will have the opportunity to congratulate and meet Joe over the span of the next few months.
As mentioned, Joe will be reaching out to the membership during his work to seek your guidance, feedback, views and insights as we move forward. It is hoped that the Project Manager will be able to complete their role over the span of eight months, starting immediately.
We will continue to update you as things progress, so be on the lookout for communication from us on this topic over the next number of months.
I look forward to continuing to work with you all and seeing what the future will bring for OASIS.
Geoff McMullen
President, OASIS

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