The 2019-2020 OASIS Operating Pressures Survey Report is now available. To read the report, click here: 2019-2020 OASIS Operating Pressures Survey Report.

As with previous versions of the OASIS Operating Pressures Survey, the latest version again contains valuable information that focuses on the Developmental Services sector’s increased operating cost pressures.

The latest version was completed between 18th October and 18th November 2019 by 110 organisations across the province.

The survey results were meant to be released in the Spring, however due to the COVID-19 global pandemic this was delayed until now.

While OASIS feels that this vital information must still be released, we need to reiterate that this was a survey conducted before the start of the pandemic and we are certain that the cost pressures facing agencies have shifted since.

So, the information contained in the document, while still valuable and reflecting pressures that still exist in our sector, must be viewed as an historic document which in no way considers our sector’s changed circumstances.

The OASIS Operating Pressures Survey Report will also, as in previous years, be shared with Government, again as an historic document presenting a snapshot of a particular time.

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