Given OASIS’s widespread representation of non-profit organizations serving individuals with developmental disabilities, we are reaching out to you to advise that applications are now being accepted for Strategic Program Investments projects. The deadline for applications is January 6, 2017.

In 2013 and 2014, three class action lawsuits alleging systemic abuse concerning the Huronia Regional Centre, Rideau Regional Centre and Southwestern Regional Centre were settled (the “Settlements”) by the plaintiffs and the Ontario Government without any admission of liability and were subsequently approved by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. The Settlements provided for apologies, commemoration initiatives and individual compensation all of which have been completed.

The Settlements also provided that surplus funds from the Settlements would be used for one-time investments, called Strategic Program Investments (“SPI”), to benefit individuals with a developmental disability and their families. The purpose of the SPI is to enhance the ability of individuals with a developmental disability to guide and influence decisions affecting them from a systemic and personal point of view.

There is approximately $7.4 million available from the three class action Settlements for distribution for such one-time investments.

For application forms and additional information go to

The information can be shared with qualified agencies and organizations who are interested in putting forward applications.

Questions regarding the SPI application process can be directed to:

Jody Brown
Koskie Minsky LLP


Astero Patsali
Ministry of Community and Social Services

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