12 individuals from the agencies represented on the Board of Directors have begun the Rotman School of Management course. ShownKaren Chan - Rotman is ADM Karen Chan welcoming all to the first Broader a Public Sector Rotman School of Business. There are 31 individuals attending the year-long course, divided into 6 different modules which focus on specific management competencies. Attendees come from Children’s Aid Society, Children’s Mental Health, Developmental Services, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, Ministry of Children and Youth Services, and of Community and Social Services. The first module was completed and focused on three main areas:


  • conceptual framework for leadership and management strategies
  • the importance of reflection
  • beginning the process for peer coaching in assisting each individual in guiding a personally identified and led, agency improvement project. This is to be completed over the next 12 months.


The Ministry has committed to funding the course fee ($12,500) for another group of OASIS members to attend the Spring sessions. The course will assist agencies with succession planning and is intended for younger middle management who have longevity in the sector.

192 Member Agencies and Growing