More Than $500 Million In Developmental Services Since 2003

TORONTO ? The McGuinty government is boosting services and supports for people with a developmental disability and their families by investing an additional $200 million over four years to strengthen capacity in developmental service agencies in communities across Ontario as part of the 2007 Ontario Budget, Minister Responsible for Community and Social Services Madeleine Meilleur announced today.

?The 2007 Budget demonstrates the McGuinty government’s ongoing commitment to developmental services and building a more inclusive province,? said Minister of Community and Social Services Madeleine Meilleur. ?With this budget, we can continue to build a strong, forward-looking and sustainable system.?

Minister Meilleur and Etobicoke-Lakeshore MPP Laurel Broten announced $7 million in new capital funding for developmental services community agencies today. Community Living Toronto, where the announcement was made, received $778,924 in capital from the 2007 Budget.

The 2007 Ontario budget also announced more than $200 million over four years for agencies that support vulnerable adults in Ontario communities. This operating funding will strengthen capacity in the developmental services sector and will help agencies improve and sustain residential and community services, and increase supports to families caring for family members with a developmental disability at home. The increases in 2007-08 will grow in each of the three subsequent years.

With this new funding, the government will have invested more than $500 million in developmental services since 2003.

?This is a positive sign that the provincial government is committed to ensuring that people with an intellectual disability can and should live with respect and dignity in our communities,? said Bruce Rivers, Chief Executive Officer of Community Living Toronto.

The McGuinty government has been working with individuals with a developmental disability, their families, and community organizations to build services and programs that help people with developmental disabilities live, work and participate in a wide range of activities within their communities. Since 2004, the government has:

Committed almost $84 million to expand residential and community services and to help agencies and families with operating costs; Invested more than $29 million in capital funding to increase community job opportunities and build, repair, renovate and upgrade community agencies that provide programs and services to people with a developmental disability Continued the commitment made 30 years ago to move from institutional to community-based services; and Launched innovative programs, including the Passport Mentoring Initiative, Community Networks of Specialized Care, and video-conferencing technology. ?Communities are strengthened by the involvement and diversity of their residents,? said Broten. ?Investing in developmental services creates stronger, more inclusive communities for all Ontarians.?

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