Ontario’s new Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, 2010 (ONCA) is targeted to come into effect in 2014. Amendments to more than 80 statutes, including ONCA were introduced in the legislature in June 2013. It is anticipated that these amendments will be debated in the legislature in fall 2013. If the amendments are passed by the legislature, ONCA is anticipated to come into force no earlier than six months after passage in order to ensure adequate time for not-for-profit corporations to prepare for transition.

When it comes into effect, the Act will generally apply automatically to all Ontario not-for-profit corporations. However, existing not-for-profit corporations will have a three-year transition period to make any changes to their incorporation and other documents necessary to bring them into conformity.

The attached materials have been provided by the Ministry of Consumer Services for your communications and to share with other organizations. These include:
? Newsletter and bulletin articles of varying lengths
? Web text
? Facebook posts
? Meeting/presentation materials: presentation slides, speaking points to accompany the slide deck, and presenter Q and A

You may put these materials on your organization’s letterheads and templates, however, the wording may not be altered to ensure consistent and accurate messaging.

The Ministry of Consumer Services recognizes the importance of providing strong support to the sector. Many not-for-profit corporations are small organizations with minimal resources to expend on transitioning to the Act. The government has given a grant to Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) to support these not-for-profit corporations during the transition period, and will continue to work closely with the Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN) and sector partners on ways to smooth the transition.

ONCA articles – Sept 5 2013

ONCA Facebook posts – Sept 5 2013

ONCA web text – Sept 5 2013

ONCA web ad – Sept 5 2013

ONCA presentation slides – Sept 5 2013

ONCA presenter Q+As – Sept 5 2013

ONCA speaking points – Sept 5 2013


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