Strong, viable, accountable agencies who have the resources and professional competencies to provide quality supports and services to people with special needs.


OASIS provides leadership through sharing ideas, information and knowledge, and interacts with government and other organizations on issues affecting its members.




1. OASIS promotes an environment that encourages participation of the membership. It recognizes all members as equals, respects the autonomy and philosophical position of members, and, understands that agreement may not be possible on all issues.

2. OASIS promotes the collective interests of people with special needs and their families by helping to improve and extend responsive and cost effective supports and activities to its members.

3. OASIS is a volunteer driven organization.

4. OASIS conducts its business in an atmosphere of transparency.

5. OASIS interacts with government in a non-partisan manner.

6. OASIS partners with other groups when appropriate in pursuit of its vision.

7. OASIS provides information to members and government regarding best practices, emerging issues and current trends through research and other activities.


1. OASIS will review its current infrastructure and revise if necessary in order to be proactive and responsive to agency needs.

? Such a review will include but not necessarily be limited to resource database, administrative supports, website

2. OASIS will develop a communication plan including a comprehensive marketing and branding strategy for both an external and internal audience.

? Operationally done through MPP Bulletin, Labour Relations Committee, Business Resource Committee, Provincial Network and Partnership Table

? What and how we do our business and communication is defined by the mission, vision and values statement and defines the role of OASIS vis?a?vis other umbrella groups.

? Clearly define what are the roles for government relations and who is responsible and/or participates.

192 Member Agencies and Growing