In May 2012, the OASIS Board of Directors approved three scholarships.

President’s Scholarship
George Braithwaite Scholarship
Gerry Sutton Scholarship

  • These Scholarships are in recognition of the philanthropic/voluntary contribution of OASIS leaders, and are in addition to the Annie Oliver Award already in existence.
  • The Scholarships are available to individuals in OASIS member organizations only.

The first scholarships will be presented at the OASIS Conference in May 2013.

Submissions for any of the OASIS Scholarships must be made by the individual seeking the Scholarship.

Submissions must include:

  • Personal Commentary/Rationale/Request
  • Three (3) Letters of Reference in support of the application (one must be from the applicant’s agency i.e. Board Chair or Executive Director)
  • Summary of community leadership/volunteer experiences/activities

Submissions will be scored as follows:

  • Personal Commentary/Rationale/Request: 30%
  • Letters of Reference: 30%
  • Summary of community/sector leadership experiences/activities: 40%.

Process for decision making:

  • All members of a selection panel will review the submissions and provide a ‘score’ on each section.
  • The application with the highest average score will be selected.

Selection Committee members must exclude themselves from scoring an application in the following situations:

  • Their own application,
  • An application from an individual who is employed in the same, organization as the person on the selection panel, or,
  • In any other circumstance where it might appear that a conflict of interest could exist. In such a circumstance, the OASIS Board of Directors would appoint an alternate to sit on the selection committee.

All Scholarships are discretionary and are not required to be awarded in any year. The review panel must be in agreement to recommend issuing a Scholarship. The OASIS Board of Directors has discretion and final authority to approve the panel’s recommendations.

All submissions will be made to a central point of contact identified by OASIS and all panel members will be informed of all submissions.

An individual may only receive one Scholarship per year.

Selections cannot be challenged or appealed.

All individuals applying for a Scholarship agree to the use of their name/photo in publications i.e. Focus Newsletter

OASIS Scholarship Application form

Please click on the link below for more information on the:

President’s Scholarship
George Braithwaite Scholarship
Gerry Sutton Scholarship

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