I am pleased to report that 119 agencies participated in this year’s Survey, which accounts for almost 900 million dollars of the funding allocated to our sector.

This year’s Survey differs from the 2007 Salary Survey as the focus is on the impact of the $1.40, $0.50 and $0.50 hourly increases and the base budget increases given to all agencies by the Ministry.

There are also questions relating to the number of people supported in communities across the province from the closing of Schedule One facilities and the impact on your agency’s workforce.

OASIS is committed to the sharing of information for the strengthening and stability of transfer payment agencies – the “backbone” of the Developmental Services sector. While all agencies that participated in the Survey will receive an electronic copy of the Survey for free, OASIS member agencies that did not participate in the Survey will be able to purchase a copy. Any new members joining this year will also be able to obtain a copy of the Survey.

If you would like to find more information about obtaining the Survey or joining OASIS, please contact;

John Bedell, Executive Director, Woodstock & District Developmental Services

Office Telephone:

192 Member Agencies and Growing