OASIS Executive Director Salary Survey 2009 Taking Place Now ? until November 11 (Don?t forget!)

With the survey being live for one week, already 51 surveys have been completed, representing $307 million of the annualized funding for the Developmental Services Sector.

If you are one of the 51 agencies that has completed the survey, thank you.

If you have not yet completed it, why not? It only takes about 15 minutes!

Here is the link to the survey:


This survey is open to all agencies within the Developmental Services Sector not just OASIS member agencies. All agencies that complete the survey will receive a free hard copy of the full survey. It will not be available for purchase.

This is the 3rd Executive Director Salary Survey. In 2007 we had 111 agencies participate, representing $747 million dollars. In 2004 we had 103 agencies participate, representing $587 million dollars of the Developmental Services Sector annualized funding. Please help make this year’s survey the best yet ? by participating!

192 Member Agencies and Growing