July 16, 2014

TORONTO ? Today, Ontario Agencies Supporting Individuals with Special Needs (OASIS) President David Barber expressed full support for the Ontario Government’s goal of ending wait lists.

Referring to the developmental services funding committed in the 2014 Ontario budget, Mr. Barber said, ?We look forward to working with the government of Ontario to implement initiatives that will substantively improve the lives of countless Ontarians with developmental disabilities?.

?The funding pledged demonstrates a positive step in addressing the crisis situation in developmental services. We are certain that through collaboration and consultation with government and other stakeholders, we can ensure that Ontario’s most vulnerable receive the care and support they need to become active members of our communities, contributing to the vibrant and diverse life of Ontario?.

As part of a commitment to eliminating wait lists, the Ontario Government must also address the issue of workforce stability to ensure a holistic solution to improving developmental services.

OASIS is a volunteer run, member driven organization. Our member agencies serve over 65,000 of Ontario’s most vulnerable citizens and employ 25,000 full and part-time staff. Our 170+ member agencies currently provide more than 85% of all developmental services funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services.

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