January 20, 2014

TORONTO ? Today, Ontario Agencies Supporting Individuals with Special Needs (OASIS) President Jane Joris, Vice-President (Volunteer) David Barber, and Vice-President (Executive Director) Allan Mills addressed the Ontario Government Select Committee on Developmental Services at Queen’s Park.

OASIS Executives warned the committee that developmental services in Ontario have reached a breaking point. Existing services alone face a funding short-fall of $100 million by 2015/2016. That figure does not take into account the 12,000 to 20,000 Ontarians with developmental disabilities currently on wait lists.

?We have seen first-hand, countless families struggling to make ends meet and having to make decisions that most Ontarians would never have to contemplate. We have seen families languishing on wait lists forced to leave their jobs in order to care for a loved one?, said Joris. ?Worst of all, we have seen too many make the heart wrenching decision to leave their child on the doorstep of a service provider because they are no longer able to provide care.?

OASIS member agencies have been responsive and responsible in doing their part to help mitigate the financial challenges of the province, while continuing to honour commitments to our most vulnerable citizens in need of developmental services. OASIS member agencies have built partnerships and collaborative approaches, forging in-roads to access in five critical developmental service success areas: providing housing, employment, respite care, knowledge sharing, and leadership development.

192 Member Agencies and Growing