OASIS is pleased to announce that the nominations and applications for the 2020 Scholarships and Awards are now open!


OASIS is committed to helping their member agencies maintain and provide high quality services through exemplary leadership.  To help you achieve this, OASIS annually provides Scholarship opportunities for YOU to apply to.  Please see below the available opportunities with links to the descriptions of the various learning streams and funding available.

President’s Scholarship

George Braithwaite Scholarship

Note:  Applicants can apply for more than one (1) scholarship.


OASIS Annually provides two different awards to recognise achievement and reward those who have, and continue to, blaze the trails of exceptionality. You can apply for these awards yourself, for your agency, your colleague or another agency.

Annie Oliver Award

Member Leadership Award

Should you have any questions or require further clarification, please feel free to email administrative support at administrativesupport@oasisonline.ca  

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