For Immediate Release
March 27, 2017

OASIS Calls on OPSEU to Respect the Privacy of Individuals with Special Needs

OASIS has been advised of a Labour Disruption and Strike action against one of our Member Organizations, Community Living Campbellford-Brighton, by the Ontario Public Services Employees Union (OPSEU).

OASIS supports the legal process related to collective bargaining. However, it is the position of OASIS’s Board that while picketing of Administrative Offices, or Day Programs unfortunately must be tolerated, the Board is deeply disturbed and disappointed to learn that OPSEU has chosen to picket the community based homes of people with Developmental Disabilities.

Community based living and good neighbour relations is key to the creation of safe inclusive communities, and as the private residences of the people who live there, should be considered off limits for public displays of labour unrest. The individuals desire to live harmoniously within their neighbourhood and maintain levels of anonymity assumed by all citizens, a right that OPSEU is violating. OASIS calls on OPSEU to respect the individuals we collectively serve and move public displays of labour unrest away from their community based homes.

A person’s home should be their place of safety and refuge and it is imperative that our community understands that. Community Living Campbellford-Brighton’s coordination of the continuation of services during the OPSEU legal strike has been done to ensure necessary supports and assistance with activities of daily living remains paramount, and is not an action against the right to picket.



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