McGuinty Government Commended for investing $200 million in new funding for the Developmentally Disabled

(TORONTO, ON) March 22, 2007 ? The McGuinty Government’s investment of $200 million over four years and $7 million in new capital funding for community agencies is an important step in improving the lives of some of Ontario’s most vulnerable citizens. People living with developmental disabilities will also benefit from the two per-cent increase in payments under the Ontario Disability Support Program. This increase will help improve their quality of life and help them break the cycle of poverty too often experienced by people with disabilities.

The Provincial Network on Developmental Services, representing an affiliation of 250 service agencies in the developmental services sector in Ontario, commends the Government’s leadership in ensuring that the individuals and families who rely on the sector will receive more of the supports they need.

There are approximately 120,000 people living in Ontario who have a developmental disability. ?This new funding will go a long way to ensuring parents that their children will have quality supports and to relieving the pressure on individuals, families and those who work to support them? said Carolynn Morrison, a parent of an adult child with developmental disabilities.

$200 million is necessary to address the challenges currently facing the system. The additional funding will respond to the needs of individuals who are currently without support, increase the inventory of specialized services available to help people with developmental disabilities, and strengthen the capacity of community agencies to deliver services. ?We look forward to working with families, in a stabilized service system, to create responsive and innovative supports for people with developmental disabilities,? said Geoff McMullen, Chair of the Provincial Network on Developmental Services. ?This new funding, the majority of which we anticipate will be allocated in the first year to deliver immediate relief, will make that possible.?

Over the past 18 months the sector and the government have worked together to address the challenges facing the developmental services sector. ?By making this new investment in the sector, the government has demonstrated that it has listened to the many families, individuals and agencies and responded to the critical needs of the sector,? said McMullen. ?The Provincial Network, and the families and individuals that they support look forward to continuing to work with the government and to determine how best to allocate the $200 million. We have made great strides together, and look forward to continuing to work closely together.?

Members of The Provincial Network on Developmental Services include:

  • Ontario Agencies supporting Individuals with Special Needs (OASIS) composed of 130 local agencies;
  • Community Living Ontario and Community Living Toronto; Community Living is composed of 110 local agencies;
  • Great Lakes Society composed of 15 local agencies;
  • Metro Agencies Representatives Council (MARC) composed of 19 local agencies;
  • Faith and Culture Communities composed of 15 local agencies.

For more information, contact:

Geoff McMullen, On behalf of The Provincial Network on Developmental Services
Telephone: 613-345-1290 (work) or 613-498-5081 (cell)

192 Member Agencies and Growing