TORONTO, May 17, 2013 /CNW/ – OASIS congratulates Whitby-Oshawa MPP Christine Elliott on the Resolution of a Private Member’s Bill calling for the creation of a Select Committee on Developmental Services. OASIS is a network of over 170 agencies that provide services and supports to individuals with special needs that are funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services across Ontario.

The Resolution, which received all-Party support, will establish a Select Committee to address the urgent need for a comprehensive Developmental Services strategy to deal with the requirements of Ontarians with developmental disabilities as well as those dually diagnosed with a developmental disability and mental illness.

?Our services are being stripped away, resulting in reduced quality of care and increased risks to staff and the people who rely on our services. At the same time, wait lists for services are increasing at an alarming rate.? says Jane Joris, President of Ontario Agencies Supporting Individuals with Special Needs (OASIS).

The need for a comprehensive strategy was brought to the media forefront recently when, out of desperation,

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