Ontario Seeking Innovative Housing Solutions for People with Developmental Disabilities

Ontario’s Developmental Services Housing Task Force is welcoming proposals for original housing projects for adults with developmental disabilities.

The Task Force is looking for creative, inclusive and cost-effective housing solutions that can be replicated in communities across the province. The best ideas will be funded as research and demonstration projects through the 2014 Ontario Budget investment for developmental services.

Submissions are due by April 24, 2015, and should:

    • develop partnerships between individuals, families, community agencies, multiple levels of government and the private sector
    • expand the range of options and choices available to adults with developmental disabilities that are different than what is currently funded through the Ministry of Community and Social Services
    • demonstrate ways to improve the existing developmental services system, including ways to reduce wait lists for housing and residential supports in a timely manner
    • promote individualized approaches through inclusive, community-based supports

Projects will be selected through a competitive process, including review from external experts and the Housing Task Force before being recommended to the ministry.

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