On April 28, Ann Kenney attended the Budget Lockup on behalf of OASIS and used the opportunity to meet with provincial officials and reiterate member priorities. Government officials expressed their willingness to continue to advocate with the Provincial Network, OASIS and Community Living Ontario to ensure that the Pay Equity issue of our sector remains on the radar.

As to the substance of the budget, it must be recognized that OASIS applauds the government for taking immediate action and investing $677 million over four years to help keep people out of crises and give more people the supports that are right for them. In particular, the 2017-18 investment will be over $130 million annualized dollars plus an additional $5 million in infrastructure funds.

However, we are looking at a tough year for agencies who are facing a 9th year of no funding increases to deal with the cost of living increases in operating their services nor any funding to address the pay equity issue. We have agreed to have continued dialogue on this issue with the Ministry, as funding around agencies is reaching the critical stages.

If you would like to read the budget in full, you can do so here.

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