Judy and George

Judy Pryde, Community Living Burlington and George Braithwaite

Judy Pryde has been Executive Director at her agency since late 2003. In her 11 years with the agency, she has been an integral part of growing and developing close partnerships within her community. She continuously keeps her focus on individuals that are in need now, while also identifying those who are aging and require different models of support.

Judy works closely with neighbouring agencies to look at creative ways to collaborate and provide supports to families in the community. She is very aware of the challenges facing our sector and continues to develop strategies for providing optimum supports in a time of on-going change.

Judy is a strong advocate for OASIS and the various operational supports her colleagues provide. She joined the Labour Relations Committee in 2006, and is the second longest serving member of the Committee. Not only has she has brought great energy and ideas to the Committee’s work, but she has also brought a wicked sense of humour to the Committee, and has regularly entertained Committee members with her stories about ‚Äòstupid people’s. Judy has also been an active member of OASIS’s Nominations Committee since its inception 5 years ago.

Those who know her, know that she is the consummate professional; dedicated to both her organization and to the people they support. She is a recognized leader in the DS sector in her region, frequently sought out by both colleagues and Ministry staff for her insights and suggestions.

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