You are equally free to not join or to join a union.

Unionizing people is a business too. Just like anything else you are asked to buy, make sure you investigate the claims carefully.

Make certain you know what the cost is and what obligations come with being a member of the union. Remember, joining a Union is a contract between you and the Union, you are bound to all the terms and conditions of its Constitution. Have you asked to see a copy of the Constitution? Do you know what is in it?

Ask the Union how much the dues are and if every employee pays them? Where does the money go? We understand part of the money goes to the National and part to the Local union. How they spend it and for what, we?re not sure.

From news stories we know that many unions are involved politically as well as acting as a Union. Will they spend your money here? Do they have to spend money collected from our Team Members in our workplace?

We know we are competitive with all others in wages and benefits and we are always watching to make certain of that. Furthermore, a promise to negotiate is just that – a promise – not a guarantee. The Union can only achieve what we are willing to agree to in the negotiating process.

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