Annie Oliver Award 2013

The recipient of the Annie Oliver Award for 2013 has consistently demonstrated strong leadership through various initiatives – within her own agency, and at a regional level. She has been involved in Ministry planning initiatives for both children and adults for more than 20 years. She has offered her expertise and experience to many initiatives including the facility closure, analysis of service gaps, development of best practices and creation of innovative housing support options for the Developmental Services Sector, and support to partner agencies and colleagues.

She has invested her energy, enthusiasm and experience in many activities at the provincial level that have benefited all OASIS member agencies and the entire Developmental Services Sector. She has been an active member of the OASIS Labour Relations Committee, a key member at the Developmental Services Provincial Discussion Table, a member of the Provincial Network’s Human Resources Committee for many years, participated in the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Technical Advisory Committee, is a supporting Executive Director to the Vice President of the OASIS Board and Co-Chair of the Pay Equity Campaign.

For over 20 years, she worked at Madawaska Valley Association for Community Living. She often traveled long hours from her home in Barry’s Bay to meetings in Toronto, often in bad weather – a reflection of her level of dedication to the sector.

Two years ago, she accepted the position of Chief Executive Officer at Simcoe Community Services in Barrie. She quickly established herself as a leader within the developmental services sector in the Simcoe region and within the community of Barrie.

Throughout all these activities and initiatives, she also focused on enhancing her own professional development, recently earning an MBA, with only an A+ average.

This year’s recipient of the Annie Oliver Award is professional, committed to people with developmental disabilities and a genuinely good person. Please join me in congratulating and honouring the winner of the 2013 Annie Oliver Award, Marion Peck.



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