Third Recipient of the ANNIE OLIVER AWARD

May 5, 2006

Good Morning Everyone,

I am extremely pleased to be able to be here at this the 9th Annual General Meeting of OASIS.

It is exciting to see how far OASIS has come. We have grown from a meager (but mighty) 6 original agencies to a membership of 116 agencies!!

I am proud of how this organization has worked so hard to support its member agencies to deliver the best quality supports possible to individuals and families who need our help. It was obvious from our interaction yesterday with the Minister and Deputy Minister, that much has been achieved in establishing a respectful working relationship between us. I feel that this has undoubtedly positively influenced the funding that has been coming to our sector. It is the tireless work of individuals like this year’s recipient of the Annie Oliver Award that has enabled us to become the vibrant, dynamic organization that we are today.

This award is presented to a person who “demonstrates excellence, innovation and leadership in the Developmental Services sector and through this process represents the interests and mission of OASIS and who, by a combination of perseverance, determination and positive attitude, has assisted OASIS in meeting its Mission Statement”. This year’s recipient certainly exceeds these criteria, although, he will not be expecting this recognition.

This year’s recipient is David Ferguson from the Ottawa Carleton Association for Persons with Developmental Disabilities.

As Chair of the Labour Relations Committee and in his role of supporting Executive Director to OASIS President, George Braithwaite, Dave has been an integral part of developing and promoting a complex and sophisticated OASIS agenda. As witnessed yesterday, he has helped to foster and maintain exceptional relationships with all levels of government. He has facilitated numerous discussions and sessions relevant to the needs of OASIS member agencies such as Pay Equity, WSIB and the wage issue to name only a few.

On each and every issue that confronts OASIS, Dave is well informed and incredibly generous in sharing his information and expertise to the benefit of us all. He is a tremendous, hard working individual who is passionate about OASIS and its mission. Dave helps to fill our organization with a sense of purpose and direction.

Those who work closely with Dave draw attention to the fun and humour he brings to OASIS. A colleague states, “No one is more serious about the work we do, but his balance ensures we all have a bit of fun along the way”.

It is truly an honour and privilege to present the 3rd annual Annie Oliver Award to
David Ferguson.

Congratulations Dave!! Could you please come forward to accept your award.

Presented by Annie Oliver, Founding President of OASIS on May 5, 2006, Grand Bend, Ontario.

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