Communication between and among OASIS member agencies is a critical component that helps to make OASIS a vibrant organisation. Computer mailing lists have been established to facilitate this process. Information sent on the mailing lists can include, but are not limited to, such things as government communications, position statements, the sharing of ideas, the distribution of queries on relevant service sector issues, and the coordination of administrative tasks.

OASIS currently operates the following mailing lists:

  • – Board members of OASIS agencies
  • – Executive Directors and their designates
  • – Financial professionals
  • – Human Resource professionals
  • – IT professionals

The lists allow message sizes of up to 2 Mb in HTML or Plain text modes. The default “Reply to:” address will be the original sender but list users can reply via the list by using the “Reply to all” option of their email client.

Executive Directors wishing to add or subtract names to any of the above-mentioned mailing lists can be done when editing your agency’s information within the Members Area of the OASIS site.

Executive Directors should be aware that submissions to the lists need to be approved by them and they may designate more than one and up to three people for each list as required. On several or all of these lists there may be sensitive or even confidential information distributed. It is for this reason that some discretion on who is posted to these lists is important.

192 Member Agencies and Growing