A) We had someone move to ****** from Huronia in December 2006. We were lucky, the family was very supportive, the move went extremely well, the individual is adjusting marvelously. We received what we requested from the Ministry. If you want more specific information, let me know.

B) Our involvement has been rather limited. We offered to service 12 people, four a year for each of three years. So far we have accommodated two people with a third expected. There have been no issues and we are getting positive feedback from the families. We are under the impression that no more people are likely to come to ****. *** have some residents and MCSS have committed more there. Both the **** and **** Associations have projects either planned or under way.

C) Thanks again for collecting this information to take on our behalf.
The first issue is the same as last year regarding people’s old age security pensions ? if they could begin the application process earlier at the facility than it could be in place as the person moves or shortly thereafter.
The second issue is the new pace at which the ministry is moving. Since the announcement that closure date is now sooner there is an uncomfortable pressure – we are being constantly asked for move dates, house build dates etc. about people we have only just heard about and have not even met or received any information about yet. We are pleased that the closures are a reality but we want to be properly prepared to ensure success for all!!!!!! (The labour situation is no doubt making this pressure feel greater at the moment). I am not sure if others are experiencing the same??

D) We?ve participated in twice and on both counts?MCSS is good with coming up with one time capital however come short with operational funding. Bottom line: no funding for day supports. So now we are stuck with trying to find funding so that the clients are supported and supervised properly 24 hrs and not just 18 hrs.

? More contacts were made with existing families and doing preamble work to provide info to the receiving agency
? Some services established in communities to get resources for people coming for others in the community and build capacity for future
? People have reconnected to their communities, as well as established new relationships
? Great opportunities for families to tour Community Living agencies and make choices for services
? Experiences for Community Living staff to visit facilities and learn about supports for people while they lived there

? Over many years our agency has had experience working with people returning to their home communities, this time there were ?too many? middle men in the process, which could be very frustrating
? Frustration over the fact that when agencies were approached for LTC placements-We were of the understanding these dollars may create capacity for further supports to LTC when facility person no longer needed the money, now we understand these $ could be taken away from our community
? Being told to prepare a budget that your agency would require to meet the support needs of the person, then being told that what you asked for was excessive and not available
? When we requested a specific staffing structure in a home for health and safety reasons, our rational was questioned and it took a great deal of discussion to convince MCSS to provide anything at all, and would only guarantee on a fiscal basis
? People’s roles need to be clearly identified for who follows through on each individual responsibilities

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