I write to seek your support in a campaign to mobilize our MPPs and anyone else who may be able to influence decision makers to secure a multi- year funding commitment from the Government to support and fully fund the transformation of the Developmental Services Sector.

OASIS and all other members of the Provincial Network have developed a comprehensive strategy that we hope will persuade the government in particular and all parties generally; that it is the moral responsibility of an enlightened society, to provide the essential resources to enable people with developmental disabilities to live, work and function as respected citizens. Transformation of services and supports requires a significant infusion of new resources if we are to achieve that objective.

The Network has engaged professional advice in an effort to ensure that we leave ‘no stone unturned’. The consulting firm includes Mr. Charles Beer, former Minister for Community and Social Services.

The attachments will give you a good overview of the campaign strategy. You will note that the priority time-frame is the period from the present to the release of the budget in late March/early April. I hope that you will be able to support this activity by making contact with your local MPP. In addition, if you know of families who would be willing and able to support this effort, it will be important to gain their active participation. While our objective must be to persuade Liberals as our first priority, it will also be important to gain the support of all members of the ‘House’.

The riding tool kit will be particularly useful as you contemplate the ‘how to’ and the appropriate protocol to obtain an interview with your elected representative. The other attachments provide the strategy and rationale for this campaign, a briefing note entitled “The Transformation Agenda” and a fact sheet, which should be adapted for you local area. Some sample questions and answers have also been developed to assist your preparations for your discussion with your MPP.

In order that the Provincial Network may ‘track’ the progression of this campaign, may I ask that you complete the “fax back doc or email it to Caroline Pinto at; Pinto, Caroline
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