Letter to OASIS President, Sue Dolan, from MCSS Minister John Baird,
December 5, 2001

Re: Response to request for funding disparities information

Ms. Sue Dolan, President
Ontario Agencies Supporting Individuals with Special Needs
c/o 644 Ireland Road
Simcoe, ON N3Y 4K2

Dear Sue:

Thank you for your letter of October 12, 2001 responding to my request for further information about funding disparities affecting your member agencies.

I appreciate receiving a copy of the summary of your preliminary survey results and being advised of the extent of the problem for your member agencies. It is very useful to have further specifics around the effect of funding changes in your member agencies. I have taken the liberty of sharing your survey results with both the Integrated Services for Children Division and Community and Developmental Services Division of my ministry, for their consideration. Please feel free to direct any further information concening this issue to Ms. Cynthia Lees, Assistant Deputy Minister of the ministry’s Integrated Services for Children Division.

Please be asssured that the provision of services and supports to children is a priority for this government. I understand that families caring for a child with a disability face a huge task. To support these families, the Ministry of Community and Social Services spends over $500 million on services for children with special needs. In addition, this government has renewed its commitment to do more to provide support for people with developmental disabilities and their families. The 2001 Ontario Budget announced the investment of $55 million in 2001/02, growing to $197 million annually by 2006/07, to provide resources to enhance services and attract more quality caregivers.

I will take the time to reflect on your comments and the results of your survey and will keep them in mind in ongoing discussions with my cabinet and caucus collegues.

Once again, thank you for writing.


John Baird, MPP

c: Ms Cynthia Lees

192 Member Agencies and Growing