The focus of OASIS’ advocacy efforts since the end of last year has been the much needed 5% base budget funding increase.   

OASIS has been engaged in raising awareness on this important issue in a variety of ways and we continue to hear from members who have submitted their own pre-budget submission, participated in an in-person consultation as well as set up their own virtual or in-person meetings with your local MPP.  

Over the coming months, we encourage all member agencies to continue to do this using our MPP Meeting and Information Kit materials to further highlight this important issue.  

OASIS is not alone in this endeavour. Community Living Ontario has been leading their own campaign for this 5% increase, 5toSurvive.  

5toSurvive is a postcard and letter-writing campaign with a target of 10,000 letters from self-advocates and family members to Members of Provincial Parliament (MPP) highlighting the need to secure a 5% increase to developmental services base budgets.  

OASIS supports this campaign, and we are seeking your assistance to ensure they reach their goal of 10,000.  

If you haven’t promoted the campaign already, the process is quick and straightforward—by clicking the link below and filling in the requested information it will send a pre-prepared message to your local MPP, as well as Cc Minister Parsa and Premier Ford.  

Link to Campaign 

We encourage you to not only participate but also extend the invitation to your staff, individuals, families, and other networks. This will only help amplify the overall impact.  

5% stabilization funding is a crucial initiative given the prolonged absence of new funds to our sector, resulting in severe financial pressures on organizations. 

By supporting CLO’s 5toSurvive campaign, whilst at the same time engaging with MPPs and participating in Pre-Budget consultations we collectively reinforce our commitment to advocating for the crucial 5% increase in developmental services base budgets.

Your participation is instrumental in making a meaningful impact on your agencies and on the lives of those we serve.

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