Ontario Agencies Supporting Individuals with Special Needs
Ontario Agencies Supporting Individuals with Special Needs

Policy Database

This On-line Resource Library or policy database website can be found at www.dspolicyfind.ca, or here on this website. Subject searches are by far the most common ones and many subject options are available, such as Health & Safety and Consumer Supports Standard. Users can also use keyword searches or search by agency. See below for more information on searches and functions of this site.


Option #1 – Search by keyword(s)

  • Enter one or more words that may be within the policy(s) you are looking for
  • Choose from either “All Words (AND)”, “Any Words (OR)” or Exact Phrase


  • All Words – “allergies pets” – will find any policies that contain BOTH the words “allergies” AND”pets”
  • Any Words – “resuscitate DNR” – will find any policies that contain EITHER the word”resuscitate” OR the word “DNR”
  • Exact Phrase – “Do Not Resuscitate” will find any policies that contain that entire phrase exactly as typed

Option #2 – Search by Subject

All policies have been grouped within subject headings. For example any policies pertaining to Employee benefits would be under the main subject “Human Resources”. The “Human Resources” subject heading contains many subjects beneath it. You would then select the subject heading “Group Insurance Benefits” to see many policies pertaining to employee benefits.

Option #3 – Search by Agency

  • To view a list of policies from one agency only, select that agency from the list under the “Search by Agency” option, then click on the Search button.
  • A contact email address and website address will be displayed if applicable
  • A “Print All” link will open a new window with the entire content of all policies to send to your printer.


  • Click on any policy title to view the entire policy
  • Click the “Back to Policy List” link to go back to the policy listing.
  • A contact email address and website address will be displayed if applicable
  • Click on “New Search” at any time to search for a different policy

Another useful resource available is the “Information Requests” button where questions or additional information can be sent out to all OASIS members. Responses to these requests are added to the site and all responses are also sent directly to the person making the information request.

Other inquiries and information requests:

If you have a question about a policy, are looking for policy information that cannot be found on the website, etc., click on the “Information Requests” link from the Search page.

You may view other requests by year and any responses to those requests.

To add a request:

  • To add a request, click on the “Add Request” button.
  • Fill in the information required and click the “Submit” button.
  • Once submitted, the request will be added to the website and an email will be sent to all OASIS members with the request.

To respond to a request:

  • Click on the request date from the list to view the request details
  • Click on the “Add Response” button
  • Fill in the information required and click the “Submit” button.
  • Once submitted, the response will be added to the website and an email will be sent to the original person who posted the request.

To submit new or revised policy information:

We would like to take this opportunity to remind OASIS members with policies listed on this website to forward any changes to existing policies or any new policies to info@participationhouse.com . And for any agency whose policies are not currently listed they can be forwarded to info@participationhouse.com as well.

New or revised policies can also be submitted to Participation House – London and Area via the mailing address, email or fax number listed on the search screen.

Anyone who would like assistance using the search options can contactinfo@participationhouse.com and we may be able to offer a solution.


In July 2001, the Human Resources Department of Canada funded a project to supply the human services field with an on-line library. It will provide easy access to information regarding the best practices and provincial standards for policies and procedures in the non-profit sector. The project is hosted by Participation House Support Services and was initiated by OASIS members. Support for the project also came from other local groups.

The project will assist agencies in updating policies and procedures in order to keep current with provincial standards and practices. The economic benefits of this project are to create a useful on-line resource for all non-profit agencies.

The project has an advisory group made up of OASIS members and in July, Ms. Sandra Close was hired to develop the project and complete the work. To date, questionnaires have been sent out requesting agencies provide us with areas of interest and their best policies. Local and provincial bodies, Ontario Agencies Supporting Individuals with Special Needs, our Southwestern Community Involvement Council, the Alliance, Partners in Leisure and Partners in Employment London have been approached, just to name a few. This information was compiled creating a database of the best practices and procedures for agencies that support persons with disabilities. This database will now be available to OASIS members and community partners.

Participation House will enter the information and maintain the database. The objectives of this project are to provide agencies that support people with an ongoing database concerning current policies and procedures. There are 4 areas of interest that are to be covered, they include

  • Legislative Standards
  • Human Resources
  • Health and Safety
  • Consumer Supports Standards

The goal is to provide the framework and structure that will allow us to maintain such a database on an on-going basis and to make the site available to other community partners. It is hoped that this will strengthen standards and knowledge within the field of supporting persons with disabilities, providing easy access to valuable information.

We are still anxious to receive additional survey results and policy manuals, please send us yours if you haven’t already and we will continue to add to the database. A functional data base system will be ready for testing in February by the advisory committee. They will provide feedback and we will set up the web design. The project database will soon be available on CD as well as hard copy and accessed through the OASIS web-link (link to site), or the Participation House London site. The working title for the stand-alone site is www.developmentalservice.com.

We would like to send out a heart-felt thank you to all of those who participated in this project, without the aid of the agencies and the individuals that supported us; this project would never have been possible. A special thank you to Denise McGonigle the “Web Master” to HRDC who funded this project, Participation House London, OASIS members, all those who have provided information and to Sandra Close for all her hard work, enthusiasm and dedication to the project.