Ontario Agencies Supporting Individuals with Special Needs
Ontario Agencies Supporting Individuals with Special Needs

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Fee Structure

  1. The Assessment year remains April 1 to March 31
  2. The Assessment fee for the full fiscal year is $1,500 per agency.
  3. For new members joining throughout the year, the initial fee is $750 per agency.


This application for membership to OASIS is made by our Agency/Organization for the benefits and privileges of membership. We acknowledge and agree to support the charter, principles and operation of OASIS, as it strives to support agencies in their challenging and exciting work in supporting individuals with special needs. Our agency/organisation is eligible for membership insofar as it provides support services to individuals with developmental disability as is a non-profit organisation with a volunteer Board of Directors. I understand that this membership runs until March 31. I subscribe and agree to the terms set out herein and my name and selection below indicates my agency's/organisation's application, subject to approval of the Board of OASIS.

I understand and agree to the above.

For all membership application enquiries please contact

OASIS Administrative Support

Community Living South Muskoka
15 Depot Drive
Bracebridge, ON P1L 0A1

Phone: (705) 645-5494
Email administrativesupport@oasisonline.ca


Member agencies are the backbone of OASIS operations. Communication between and among member agencies is a critical component for a vibrant OASIS organisation. Five computer mail lists have been established to facilitate this process:

  • OASIS-BRDBoard members of OASIS agencies
  • OASIS-EDExecutive directors of OASIS agencies
  • OASIS-FINFinance professionals of OASIS agencies
  • OASIS-HRHuman resource professionals of OASIS agencies
  • OASIS-ITIT professionals of OASIS agencies

Mailing addresses are oasis-brd@oasisonline.ca etc.

Information on the mail lists will include, but not be limited to, such things as the distribution of "opinion gathering polls" for the formation of policies, media releases and position statements; the sharing of ideas; the distribution of queries on relevant service issues and the coordination of administrative tasks. Messages must get through to all participants! OASIS is working hard to streamline the timeliness and inclusiveness of its communications. Your help is needed to round out this objective. OASIS encourages member agencies to participate in all of the above mentioned mail lists by listing all of the designates here. NOTE: more than one and up to three persons can be assigned to each of the mail lists below.

We promise to keep your information 100% private and secure.